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Connecting Hearts & Community


Every day all around the world people come together in different ways to celebrate and unify within a space that supports growth and opportunity for everyone. We believe in the power of community & the shifts that occur when hearts open within a space of unconditional love and expansion into something far greater than ourselves. Our focus and commitment is bringing lives together so that transformation can occur within the hearts of all. We welcome and thank you for co-creating this new paradigm of existence.

Wellness... an Inner way of being


We have all felt the call, the gentle yet powerful inner reognition of So Within So Without. Your inner state of being reflects and manifests according to your perception, view and connection to yourself. In order to live & sustain a higher quality of life, maintaining optimal wellness is key. Recognizing that everything we feel and do has a direct impact on our well-being is vital and the first step in changing your energy frequency to one that is more harmonious and balanced. We believe that true wellness includes all aspects of you, including but not limited to the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical self.  Each unique part of you completes the whole. Your commitment to knowing and experiencing yourself in a brand new way is a joyous celebration. We are thrilled to meet you here and look forward to connecting you with a truly transformative group of practitioners committed to their own path of awakening while supporting YOU.

Your purpose is our passion


There is a vast and wide universe of potential that exists within each and every single one of us just waiting to be birthed. How exciting it is when we recognize the coming together of events and happenings that support & validate synchronicity and the alignment of your true essence and soul calling. Our passion is supporting your purpose by connecting you with practitioners who are indeed living and sharing their own truest expression and gifts. We truly invite you to connect soul to soul and heart to heart with one another as the key to unlocking your purpose always begins with a willing heart. May your health and wellness grow and expand in new & exciting ways that support your next greatest expression.